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Join Dan (Akinesis_Gaming), Luke (DigitalPsychosis), David (MatoroIgnika) and The Read Panda in our Kerbal Space Program and Astronomy podcast. We discuss the features and development as well as our own experiences of this great space simulation. We also dedicate a section of the show to talk about real space. You can also find us on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.
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Dec 28, 2016

While Digi is away, Kofeyh joins us in the fourth seat as we report on our latest experiences in the Kerbal Space Program universe. Although there is little development news at the time of recording, Read brings forward a topic that sparks a big discussion regarding the direction of the modding community. In our real astronomy segment we talk about the successes of the recent ExoMars mission and also Cassini's next grand adventure. A lot of tweets and mail from our listeners also bloats out this episode.

0:01:48 - Coming up...
0:02:52 - Mission Control
0:07:07 - Modding Concerns
0:47:29 - R&D
0:54:00 - Real Space
1:11:16 - Listeners Mail
1:34:03 - Shout Outs
1:38:24 - Kofeyh's Outro

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Nov 27, 2016

In Episode 27 DigitalPsychosis rejoins the team to cover our latest progress in Kerbal Space Program, albeit a bit dry. We talk about SQUADs progress on the 1.2.2 patch and welcome a new senior developer. TheReadPanda offers his experience with the OPT and Mk4 Spaceplane mods in the modding section. For our Real Space segment we discuss MatoroIgnika's experience at the GOES-R launch, the future options for NASA and that darned Super-Moon hype.

0:02:22- Coming up...
0:04:28 - Mission Control
0:16:40 - R&D
0:31:12 - Real Space
1:01:50 - Shout Outs


Nov 22, 2016

In this episode we discuss the changes in the 1.2.1 patch and we also delve into the issues the PS4 and XBox users are currently facing with their version of Kerbal Space Program. Digital Psychosis was in PAX Australia at the time of recording so Million_Lights joins us as a guest on the show and discusses the new SquadCast format. The Read Panda runs through the fun he's been having with the OPT Spaceplane mod and we discuss the ESAs Schiaparelli crash in the real space section.

0:05:06 - Mission Control
0:16:47 - Million_Lights on Squadcast
0:21:42 - R&D
0:37:52 - Console Discussion
0:48:43 - Modding Community
1:01:12 - Real Space
1:23:39 - Astronaut Complex
1:29:27 - Shout-outs and Outros

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Oct 25, 2016

In this episode we discuss the release of KSP 1.2. Unfortunately this version is still waiting console porting, but the PC release seems all that we could have hoped for. We share our feelings on the departure of the majority of developers and thank them for all their hard work. We also delve into what we'd like to see with KSPs future. We also talk about Mator's experience at TwitchCon and Digi's and Aki's adventures at the Skylab crash site.

00:03:06 - Coming up...
00:04:30 - R&D and Mission Control
01:04:05 - Real Space
01:25:53 - Tweets and Mail
01:44:52 - Plugs, thanks and waves

Sep 23, 2016

1.2 is now in pre-release and we are now able to talk about the features without fear of breaking the Squad NDA. We run through our experiences with version 1.2 so far as well as giving a brief over view of the features. We weren't able to cover everything so we will be diving into more depth over the next few shows. We also cover SpaceX, Philae's discovery and the Juno data in our real space section.

Time Stamps:

0:01:20 - Season 3 feedback
0:03:34 - Episode 24 delay (NDA)
0:05:35 - Kasper's farewell
0:06:54 - Aki opening 1.2 KSPTV streams
0:13:36 - Coming up in this episode...
0:14:53 - Mission Control
0:32:43 - Research and Development (1.2 development and modding)
1:04:05 - Tracking Station (Real Space)
1:15:27 - Astronaut Complex (listeners messages)
1:21:56 - Administration Building (plugs and outros)

Sep 7, 2016

We all return to start Season Three of Boosters and Spacetape. We are excited to add some changes to the Podcast which we hope the listeners will find fun. We start by discussing these changes before moving onto our usual segment: Mission Control. Mator has been out of the loop as he recovers from a real-life disaster, Digi has an announcement for an upcoming event, Read continues to take things seriously and Aki is happy to be back into a streaming schedule.

We talk about the changes expected in KSP 1.2 as well as Kerbalism from the modding community. In Real Space Stuff we talk about Juno's first close-pass of Jupiter and also the potential planet around Proxima Centauri B.

Time Stamps:

0:03:01 - Season Three changes
0:10:02 - Mission Control
0:21:10 - R&D
0:53:20 - Space Stuff
1:07:10 - Listener mail
1:13:52 - Digi's announcement
1:18:23 - Plugs and waves


Aug 1, 2016

In this episode there is no Kerbal Space Program or Astronomy discussion. Instead, we took the opportunity to talk about the Podcast itself without the usual live audience. Having run the show for more than a year now we thought it would be fun to reflect on our time in Boosters and Spacetape since it started in June 2015.

A lot has changed since the first episode; from recording quality to content. We look back on our journey so far and we also discuss where the show is going. BST grows day-by-day as our popularity increases and we wanted to honor our listeners and Squad by offering a personal recording.

This is also the last episode in Season Two of Boosters and Spacetape. Some changes are coming and we wanted to launch a new season in recognition of this.

Music Credits:

HarvestR: Original KSP Theme
Emil Persson (Orchestral):
Paulo Encarnacion (Rock):

Jul 24, 2016

In this episode we celebrate the release of Kerbal Space Program onto the PS4 and XBOX consoles. We discuss the latest mods we found as well as sharing our current progression in KSP. MatoroIgnika is away for this episode as he travels to see a live SpaceX launch. In our real-space segment we cover Juno and the Mars 2020 Rover and we also touch on New Horizons. We also have a small announcement about the BST Podcast towards the end of the show.

Jul 11, 2016

Million_Lights joins us as our special guest while The Read Panda slowly cooks himself after his air-conditioning remains broken. We cover our progress in KSP, our thoughts on 1.1.3 and 1.2 development. We also discuss the upcoming console releases, the likelihood of mods on consoles and what we expect to see beyond 1.2. Asteroid Day happened and some of the Rocket Jockeys covered the event using Kerbal Space Program to demonstrate the danger. We also discuss the Juno mission before it arrived at Jupiter in our Real Space segment.


Jul 1, 2016

A new member joins the Squad team, we reveal what is to be released in KSP 1.1.3 and we try to put to bed some concerns over Squad members leaving. As always we share our progress within KSP and Aki celebrates his return to Twitch. Read draws closer to updating his important Kerbalnaut hiring mod and discusses some of his future plans for the plugin. We have also decided to give our real-astronomy section a shake-up and would appreciate some feedback on this move. Live chat is present as ever and we do our best to answer questions and discuss topics thrown up from the folks in the live-stream.


Jun 20, 2016

More podcasting sillyness and no more bug-whinging with Digi, Read, Mator and Aki. We discuss our progress in Kerbal Space Program as always before we move on to KSP development and news from the modding community. We share some big news with the departure of HarvestR (the creator of KSP) from Squad and wish him well on his new ventures. There is also our astronomy discussion in our real space segment including some Moon facts.

Jun 9, 2016

Today we talk about the progress of the 1.1.3 patch coming up in Kerbal Space Program. Squad also release some features of what to expect in KSP 1.2. We also try and stop complaining about bugs after receiving some feedback through the iTunes reviews. As always, we discuss what we've been up to on our KSP live-streams in Twitch. In our real-space section, we talk about BEAM, Ceres, SpaceX and New Horizons before answer questions from our live chat.

We are also trying a new recording technique, so you should enjoy better audio quality from now on.

May 26, 2016

In this episode we discuss the release of KSP 1.1.2 as Squad go on a well deserved break. We talk over a few of the KSP mods, including a message from Poodmund and his work towards the Outer Planets Mod and future updates of Environmental Visual Enhancements and Proot's KRC. A celebration is in order as MatoroIgnika announces his partnership with Twitch - be sure to check him out and subscribe if you can tolerate the #salt. As requested by listener MajorRocketScience, we also talk about the Chinese space-program in our astronomy segment. This will be the last broadcast Dan (Aki) will make from his remote location and should be back in his comfy studio for the next recording.

May 2, 2016

At the time of recording, KSP 1.1 was still going through its release phase and we discuss whether we feel the game still needed some work. There was also limited discussion on mods as we patiently wait for them to trickle through with their updates. We also report on our own KSP progression and what we've been up to in our streams. Dan (Aki) is still away but is counting down the last few weeks before he returns home to his studio where he can get back into the swing of things properly. As our real-space section grows we continue to answer our listeners questions and we also cover the James Webb Space Telescope.

For those who may not be aware of our blooper reel at the end of the outro music, you may want to listen through. A special mix has been put together:

'The 1.1 Modlist' by The Read Panda (ft Digital Psychosis).

The backing track 'Gangsta' was provided by YouTuber 'HHSolid Beats'.


Apr 20, 2016

The Read Panda returns to the microphone for Episode 14 of Boosters and Spacetape. We continue with our discussions and thoughts with KSP 1.1 as well as dwelling on Thrust-to Weight Ratio and Delta-V figures after CYBUTEK, the creator and maintainer of Kerbal Engineer Redux, creeps into out live chat. We also continue our discussions of real-space. Planet-X makes another appearance into our notes as well as a great astronomical face-palm after some uninformed individuals start an unusual petition.

Apr 3, 2016

Episode 13... well, the unlucky number lived up to its reputation after we experienced some peculiar abnormalities throughout this episode. Hurrah for editing. Without our constant rudder, The Read Panda, it was up to Aki, Digi and Mator to run show. We're very excited to discuss the pending release of KSP 1.1 (or what we call the REAL 1.0). We highlight the new features of 1.1 and whether it has lived up to the hype. We also say farewell to the trusty single retractable undercarraige that has been with us for so long. As usual, there is the regular discussion of our real Solar System and we turn to chat when we run out of material.

Mar 20, 2016

Digital Psychosis attends some real life issues and is sadly absent for this episode. Aki is noticeably tired from giving attention to other projects and has issues with blenders, despite being in a closed studio. However we push on into the world of Kerbal Space Program including our latest progress within the game and our streams, Squad development news for KSP 1.1 and discussions on the wonderful mods that are generously built and maintained by the KSP Community. We also touch on the demise of Kerbal Stuff. Prepare for a lot of real-space talk in this episode as we share our thoughts on events beyond our atmosphere.

Feb 24, 2016

EJ_SA, a professional Twitch streamer and both KSP and Space enthusiast, joins us in this episode as our special guest. He talks about life as a KSP Twitch Streamer and shares some knowledge on space engineering and astronomy. We also discuss our latest adventures in Kerbal Space Program and share our thoughts on the long-awaited 1.1 development. Aki is recovering from heat stress and apologises for his poor audio quality due to using his parents laptop as a means to broadcast while he moves house... again. Remember that OakTree42 is now TheReadPanda!

Feb 7, 2016

We're back for a new series of BST. Having been away for a while we all have a great deal to talk about in both KSP and Real Space. One of the more important topics of the episode is OakTree42 re-branding himself as TheReadPanda due to him expanding his own horizons. We also discuss the new up-and-coming Rocket Jockey's group, who are a group of KSP streamers.

Jan 2, 2016

All four of us return to BST for a Kerbal Space Program 2015 Christmas special. Aki apologises for the house-hold noises leaking into his new doorless studio. We discuss our progress in KSP and gush over the updated Scatterer mod, among others. As usual, we dabble in real space with Oak's Space History Corner and Aki's Conspiracy Theory of the Week. The show will resume to a normal schedule soon.