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Join Dan (Akinesis_Gaming), Luke (DigitalPsychosis), David (MatoroIgnika) and The Read Panda in our Kerbal Space Program and Astronomy podcast. We discuss the features and development as well as our own experiences of this great space simulation. We also dedicate a section of the show to talk about real space. You can also find us on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn.
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Jul 5, 2017

We have decided not to continue under the Boosters and Spacetape name as we move away from a KSP focus. All four of us appear for the final recording to say farewell and let you know where to find our new show.

We discuss the upcoming KSP 1.3.1 patch as well as the progress on the DLC. Take Two also gets a discussion after the company partners with SQUAD.

Feedback from our listeners is read out as their opinion is shared on our decision to expand our show. The usual astronomy section follows where we talk over the probe to the Ice Giants, the LRO meteoroid encounter and some more news on the WOW! signal.

We dedicate the end of this final episode sharing news on our new show and where to follow if you decide to continue with us on our crazy podcasting journey.

0:01:40 - Coming up...
0:03:31 - Mission Control
0:05:58 - R&D
0:16:50 - Listener Mail
0:24:08 - Tracking Station
0:51:38 - Our New Podcast

Apr 4, 2017

Join us for our second special offline episode and last dedicated KSP recording as we discuss the changes that will be coming to this podcast. The feedback we have received from both the live and at-home audience has been extremely positive regarding our proposed changes and we have already begun work on the new format for the show.

Before we start we also have another quick overview of the upcoming 'Making History' expansion and the KSP v1.3 update to offer some clarity to our listeners.

0:01:56 - 'Making History' Expansion and KSP v.1.3 discussion
0:19:51 - Changes to the show and listener feedback
0:42:11 - Discussion on the new format
1:07:49 - Reflection and gratitude

Mar 27, 2017

Digi returns back to the show with his bad jokes for a full-house lineup. We quickly breeze over our recent KSP adventures to get to the discussion over Squad revealing their 'Big Announcement'. Despite sugar coatings from Aki and perspective changes from the Panda, beware for much cynicism and salt in this episode...

After wishing Yuri Gagarin a happy birthday we revisit TRAPPIST-1 to dampen the spirits for many in our real-space segment. The NASA budget proposals cause mixed emotions for both existing and future missions and then Digi re-designs the laws of physics in response to the Panda's discussion on Fast Radio Bursts.

We also have a big announcement for the podcast that we would very much appreciate your feedback on. Contact or @BSpacetape if you would like to influence our decision on some upcoming changes.

0:03:27 - Mission Control
0:13:49 - R&D
0:35:49 - Mods
0:38:17 - Listeners Mail
0:41:45 - Real Space
1:17:15 - Important Show Announcement
1:23:14 - Outros

Mar 21, 2017

In the absence of DigitalPsychosis we do our best to inject the silliness into this episode as we discuss our recent adventures in Kerbal Space Program. With the help of the live chat we throw out some, what turned out to be, bad guesses for the Secret Project that Squad has been working on for the past few months. The Read Panda has some obsessions over the Fallout series and gazebos while Aki explains how he is a second-hand vegetarian. Listener mail and Tweets are also read out.

0:01:39 - Mission Control
0:18:07 - R&D
0:32:46 - Mods
0:39:28 - Real Space
0:58:21 - Listeners Mail
1:03:33 - Outros

The Gazebo Song - WheezyWaiter - YouTube

Mar 5, 2017

Digi returns to the show with his bad jokes and awkward moments. We talk about our recent ventures with Kerbal Space Program, discuss the latest development news and mods and reading out listener messages. In our real-space segment the observations of Proxima Centauri are discussed as well as some interesting research in metallic hydrogen.

Time stamps:

0:04:23 - Coming up
0:05:16- Mission Control
0:25:35 - R&D
0:36:32 - Listeners Mail
0:48:29 - Real Space
1:25:44 - Shout Outs

Jan 23, 2017

A trio in the form of Aki, Read and Mator take the helm of this episode. We talk about our KriSPmas streaming adventures on KSPTV for the 5 year celebration of Kerbals Space program and a few extra things discovered in the release of 1.2.2. The passing of John Glenn is covered in our real-space section, as does some de-classified history of the Soviets weaponising orbital vehicles.

Time Stamps:

0:03:03 - Coming up...
0:04:11 - Mission Control
0:20:46 - R&D
0:27:03 - Modding
0:31:09 - Real Space
0:47:31 - Plugs and Outro